Alan & Sharon Schwanke
April 21, 1974
Alan & Sharon
C. F. Schwanke
H. S. Gillespie
O. F. Schwanke
C. E. Gillepie
Lois & Bill
Carl & Leslie
Ray & Pat
Pete & Sharon
The Palmers
Dan & Brandy
Curt & Jenny
Jesse & Diana
Home of Alan & Sharon since 1976
History II
S. S. Huston.
J. M. Bennett
Alan & Sharon
Brandy, Alan, Sharon, Jesse
Brandy & Jesse
Brandy & Dan, Graduation at MU
Jesse & Diana, Graduation MU
Grandpa Alan with Mason
Grandma Sharon with airbag
damage to wrist
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Uhlmeyer
Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Schwanke
Grandpa Alan with Luke Kent Schwanke, February 1, 2004, 6 days old
Grandma Sharon & Mason cooking supper, February 1, 2004
Robert, safe & happy on Mimi's kitchen table. April 15, 2004
Mason showing Papa a new toy at Mimi's house.
About May 15, 2004, Sharon had all three boys.
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Looking over the farm from Alan's deck
and getting ready to go water skiing.
All below taken on 9/4/04
Mimi and her brood. She often
keeps all three while Brandy
and Diana are teaching. They are
quite a handfull.
Grandpa Alan & Robert, napping
God's Plan
Luke, Robert & Mimi
Picking up rocks
Thanksgiving at Alan & Sharon's
Working up an appetite.
Sharon's new garden shed or the guest house.
You name it.
Cooperation is the key.
Two sub-contractors.
Manuel, Ray & Alan
Talking it over.
Professional help arrives for that early project.
Jesse & Brandy join the conversation.
Food! Lots of it!!
Grandpa Alan seating
Miss Mary Grace
She digs right in, as if she was hungry.
Dad approves while
Great-grandma watches.
Checking out Jesse's new bike.
Sub-contractors at work again.
Relaxing with a magazine and enjoying Sharon's collection of Santas.
Football and a pest? Maybe?
Steep hill and a heavy load.
Trying to throw it on the roof.
After all that, a nap with Dad is in order.
Manuel caught the nap fever.
Moises opted for more football and one last piece of pie.
Alan's 54th Birthday, 10 days late. 2-18-07
Alan and Sam