Ray & Patricia Griffith
Ray & Pat
C. F. Schwanke
H. S. Gillespie
O. F. Schwanke
C. E. Gillespie
Carl & Leslie
Alan & Sharon
Pete & Sharon
The Palmers
Dan & Brandy
Curt & Jenny
Jesse & Diana
Ray was born and raised a farmer,as was Patricia. They spent a couple of years completing his degree in Agriculture at the University of Missouri in Columbia and Patricia worked as a secretary whie there. Upon completing his degree they moved back to Shelby County and purchased a trailer to live in while working with his father on the home farm.
A bit later, his Uncle Cristy Griffith, sold him his farm on the Fabius River bottom. They moved there and lived for several years but it was a high risk farm as many river bottom farms are and they purchased a small upland farm North of Novelty, eventually selling the farm on the river. They still have an interest in farming but have reduced their involvement and Ray is now a Loan Officer at the bank in Edina and they have a small insurance business. Patricia works with a CPA more than she would like at times since their children have left the nest.
The Griffith Family, December 22, 1996
Curt, Ray, Paricia, Denise, Ryan
Add a few years and some mileage.
July 8, 2000
Curt and Jenny's wedding.
Denise Griffith became Mrs. Shannon Palmer
August 28, 1993
Curt and Jenny Griffith
July 8, 2000
Ryan, on the left, is still a very eligible bachelor, working on a double degree in business related curriclums in Columbia.
Ty Kristian Palmer on the left at about 6 months, right 2 years.
Home to Mr. & Mrs. Ray Griffith
September 7, 1969
S. S. Huston
Lois & Bill
J. M. Bennett
History II
Back row: Curt, Shannon, Ryan
Front row: Jenny, Ty, Denise
Easter, 2003
Back in time a bit
Grandma & Grandson in the cookie jar
Curt & Jenny graduates of St. Louis School of Pharmacy
Ice cream & Grandpa, 11/12/03
Pat, Max & Ty
Many hands make light work.
The younger generation of Griffiths, Christmas 2003
Can't shake those silks off, Grandpa!!
Just Ty, July 17, 2004
Kitten help
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Birthday girl two days early.
Ty cycling, 9/10/04
Ty's 5th Birthday
God's Plan
A major announcement!!
They have set the date for July 8, 2006
Ray, Shannon, Ryan
Christmas treat
Three ladies.
The speed bug has caught him.
Number Three for Sophie
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Kissin' is for girls.
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Curt and Cole's visit, April 16, 2009