History II
C. F. Schwanke
H. S. Gillespie
S. S. Huston
J. M. Bennett
O. F. Schwanke
C. E. Gillespie
Lois & Bill
Carl & Leslie
Alan & Sharon
Pete & Sharon
The Palmers
Dan & Brandy
Curt & Jenny
Jesse & Diana
Schwanke Residence, about 1991
Boat dock, built in 2002
Old Glory, 24/7
Old Glory at the end of the rainbow.
Backyard, Denise, Curt, Pepper & Lois, August 1981
Backyard, Alan, Aaron, Grandma, Brandy, Denise, August 1985
Ryan, OFS, 8/85
Lois in the garden, 8/85
Curt, serious fisherman, 8/85
Jesse & Brandy, good catch!
Deck full of grandkids, eating out! about 1987
Daniel with Bluegill 8/85
Daniel & Aaron with another Bluegill
Daniel & Ryan talking it over in the backyard.
Rear view of house in October 1983
View of lake from the deck in rear of house. Lake was about 1 foot low. 10/83
Two more serious fishermen, Moises & Manuel, Probably about July 1989
Backyard, about 7/15/2003 around 4:00 PM
Lillypads, purchased and set out in June, 2003
An aerial photo of our house and the surroundings, taken in 1995 by the US Geological Service. The house is just south of the turnaround loop at the end of the lane. The flag and flower bed in the center of the loop can barely be seen as a dot.The bin site and farm buildings can be seen to the northeast and Jesse and Diana's house is just across the lake on the north side of the road.
Manuel & Moises picking up rocks.
Aaron, Ryan, Daniel, construction co.
August, 1985
Curt with 4# bass
Jesse with stringer full.
Oscar in flower tub.
Aaron, Rachel, Cows, July 5, 1991
Soccer around the flagpole, July, 1991
Soccer buddies
Backyard in April, 1995
Card game, July 4, 2003
Carl, Les & Rachel. July 4, 2003
Fireworks crew, July 4, 2003
Cake & Ice cream, July 4, 2003
Palmer cheering section

Looking for deer
Trick or Treat 2003
Ty, November 12, 2003
Ice cream with Grandpa!
Mason helping Papa haul off old sunflower seed and hulls.
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July 8, to 11, 2004
Daniel, studying for another exam.
God's Plan