Pete & Sharon Markovich
August 16, 1975
Pete & Sharon
C. F. Schwanke
H. S. Gillespie
O. F. Schwanke
C. E. Gillespie
Lois & Bill
Carl & Leslie
Ray & Pat
Alan & Sharon
The Palmers
Dan & Brandy
Curt & Jenny
Jesse & Diana
Vacation in the Rockie Mountains
July 19. 2000
Lian, Manuel & Moises
Bettendorf High School Varsity
Sophomore                                                                Junior
Peruvian Hockey Player, 2002
How many do you know?
Fourth Grade, 2001 - 2002
Poet laureate, pianist, tumbler.
Lian, Manuel & Moises
Vacationing in Tampa, FL in June 2002
History II
S. S. Huston
J. M. Bennett
The Bettendorf High School cast of "Oliver"
Lian is third from the right on the bridge.
The "Workhouse Orphans and "Mr. Bumble"
Lian on the left.
The Workhouse Orphans
Lian out front.
Princess Tawny, 1/28/03
Moises, Lian, Sharon & Manuel, Easter Sunday, 2003
Moises Graduation from Bettndorf High School
Manuel's 17th Birthday
Lian, July 2003
11th birthday, 2003
New home to Markovich family, September, 2003
Sharon with the boys in Lima, Peru
October, 1988
1st Anniversary of U. S. Citizenship
October 30, 1989
Lian in China, October, 1994, 2 yr.
Coming off the plane
Getting acquainted at the terminal
Brothers are pretty nice.....
at first.
Piano practice, Feb. 26, 2004
Easter Sunday, April 11, 2004
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Elementary Band Concert, May 7, 2004
Looking ahead or wishful thinking.
Manuel, August1, 2004
Lian & Madison, tie dyeing t-shirts.
Best friends for life and virtuosos of piano and guitar.
Moises' 20th birthday
A very difficult dance game & aerobic exercize.
Jr. Hi Volleyball
Constance & Lian
Talking to Madison, 2/25/05
Practicing for the festival tomorrow.
God's Plan
First skirt, always before she wanted slacks or jeans. 5-31-05
Band Concert, May 31, 2005
First chair, flute.
Honors for 1+ rating in band contest.
Lian, June, 2005 after donating 12" of hair.
St. Mark's Dinner Theater
Moises' 21st
Deep in his past
Lighting candles or getting ready for a barbeque? 19
First heels for orchestra concert 3-10-06
Cutting board - Best in class, made in school
Dragon collection
Springbreak relaxation
First Formal, April 23, 2006
Confirmation, St. Mark's, April 23, 2006
Preparations for first homecoming dance.
Lian's first prom dress.
April 7, 2007
Dad financed it and Maria advised on choice.
We celebrated Manuel's 21st and Nanny's 81st at Alan & Sharon'e house on July 4th.
The candles were only in a symbolic number to conserve energy for the air-conditioner.
Lian celebrates her 15th....with help.
Dressed up fo the Homecoming dance, 2007
Posing, June 1, 2009
Sweet Sixteen birthday decorations
Ready to blow
Manuel was around.
Prom Date, 2008
Braces are gone!!
Lian in Shanghai
Chinese girl who cannot speak Chinese but has had three years of French.